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How to Stay Organized in a Fast Paced World

I know I want to be organized because this picture is goals, but it's just not that simple. I find myself falling into the same traps as most people do; I'll finish this after that, or I'll do it tomorrow, or why DOES it matter if all the clean clothes are just tossed in a laundry bin? I may not seem like the most qualified person to guide you on organization, but hear me out.

I have ADHD and while that may make me sound HIGHLY under qualified, it also means I've overcome a lot to stay organized, run online businesses, foster kitties, and keep a little sanity.

#1 - Learn How You Like to Organize

This should be so obvious, but every method isn't going to work for every person. It's like a diet or a workout routine. This should be a lifestyle change, not some crash organization event. Feel free to get advice from experts, but if it's not working in your home, don't do it! There's some other way that will, and you're creative enough to figure it out.

#2 - Creative Organization

I like any type of organization that's a little goofy or I thought of myself/did some pinterest DIY of. My personal favorite was the mason jar "shelf" I made for one of my first apartments. It had a pedestal sink, a toilet, and a shower stall. That was the whole bathroom. Not a single cabinet or drawer to behold. So I took to the internet and headed to THD. I even swung by michael's for a few decorative elements. It held the essentials and I just hung it over my toilet. It was adorable; I was so sad when it didn't survive a move.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. ~ William Morris

#3 - Families, Partners, and Furry friends

Children, partners, and animals can make keeping things organized that much harder. Some days I feel like all I do is clean up behind everyone else. I have to check in with myself. The animals aren't doing anything. I can't expect that. Children are only capable of age appropriate activities, and partners may have different standards of organization.

#4 - Compromise

Yes, I want what I want, how I want it too. I just happen to share my life with other living creatures, and I even went and married one. My partner is MUCH less organized than myself. Cleaning and organization are classic battles we wage probably a little too often. We're working on compromises. He's bad at bussing his trash, so we have small trash bins tucked away in every room. The rule is just no food or nasty trash in the little ones that don't fill up often. I also put a dirty clothes basket downstairs even though our laundry is upstairs. He likes to kick his socks off and leave them everywhere. At least this one basket means they're all wrangled up and ready for washing. For his part, he'll help clean, but he needs specific directions. He's working on learning how to know what needs to be done and when without needing a reminder. Nobody's perfect in this house.

#5 - Make it Fun

Lastly, organization can be fun! I loved making my mason jar shelf. I love my 10 year old, extra storage coffee table that I made with my dad's help. It's still holding a chunk of my books and serving its purpose as a table. Getting things cleaned up doesn't have to be a nightmarish bore. It can be a chance to redecorate. I enjoy donating my unwanted items to goodwill because I know I'm keeping them out of the landfill and helping a good cause. Organization just SOUNDS dull and drab, it can be really exciting.

Don't Give Up